People I Am Grateful For…

This post is meant to make some attempt to thank the people who have made this project possible, made it better or contributed things unknowingly that made a difference along the way. I am not a very philanthropic person, but I believe in supporting local small business people in any way possible. Maybe I am sentimental. Or maybe I am hoping to keep Walmart and Amazon from destroying all the small businesses in this country…!

My friend and business partner is not the kind of guy who will appreciate me calling him out here. He finds me inherently weak when it comes to these things. But none of this happens without him. He is the guy that 10 years ago, when I wouldn’t shut the f*ck up about this NFL Draft website I wanted to build, told me “just create it online, you have to get it started or it’s not worth anything dammit!”. Well, it took me all of those ten years to realize he was right and now I won’t ever hesitate again to implement his advice. He frankly has a bit of Darth Vader in him which is an excellent quality I find. That is why he and I are building this Death Star together. Thanks my friend.

Desiree Zajacz is a Cleveland-based artist, graphic designer, illustrator and calligrapher. She embodies “creator” in every conceivable way. She has seemingly endless ability to make beautiful things by hand which you can find on her blog or in her shop. For me, she created the incredible logos you see on this site. It was an easy and exciting collaborative journey thanks to Desiree’s infinite patience.

It’s not just logos either, folks. She can create you original watercolor or other fine art illustrations that she can turn into wedding invitations, birth notices, greeting cards or anything you can imagine. There is no limit to what Desiree can create for you or your business. I am so grateful for the work she did to breathe life into my site, giving it an identity and personality. Thank you Des, and I look forward to having you create more original art and illustrations for Draft Planet!