TE Evals: Move TE

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2019 Browns TE’s of Interest

GOOD: Raymond is probably more multiple than I am giving him credit for here, classifying him as just a Move TE. His blocking is pretty good. He has fairly impressive hands and ball skills. Catches the ball out of the air like it should be done, confident in his ability to track the ball. Has some aggression and will find zone openings. Not really a long ball guy. Runs with power.

BAD: Considered overaged. Participated in a Mormon mission after getting his degree and will be 24 when drafted. Lacks speed and burst. Just average overall athleticism.

BOTTOM LINE: I think we’ve got another depth guy here who has some advanced ball skills and promising as a blocker. Could develop into a reasonable combo TE by Year 3 if he gains some weight and strength. Needs more explosion to help separate if he is going to work out of multiple spots. Not enough special qualities about him that make you say he is a must have on the team. Oddly no production over three years but could have been scheme issue. Probably a Round 5 guy or later.