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2019 Browns TE’s of Interest

If you read my TE Summary post, you will know that I have left off a few good candidates for the Browns simply because I ran out of time to do Evals on every single one. This is a need but not a high priority need. I did not provide a super detailed Eval on Hockenson or Fant below either because they are both going to be gone most likely before we would consider picking them. Buddy Boy might surprise me, but he’s got a lot of Defensive issues to address in this draft.

Missing guys include Drew Sample, Josh Oliver and Foster Moreau.

GOOD: Dude is awesome. Complete Combo TE. Elite in many important areas. Supremely multiple in spots he can work out of.

BAD: Shortish arms, did not run a great 40 time and really shitty bench number. Needs to get stronger. College production was quite lame considering he went to Iowa. But Noah Fant was already in place and getting most of the important game reps.

BOTTOM LINE: If you can spend a 1st Round pick on a TE, get this guy. Pro Bowl in his rookie year, no doubt.

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GOOD: Dude is awesome. Complete Combo TE. Elite in many important areas. Supremely multiple in spots he can work out of.

BAD: A little light weight-wise than I was expecting but can remedy that. Ran a hot 40 time, was given the highest SPARQ score of all TE’s and his cone/split times were insane. Not bad on the bench either.

BOTTOM LINE: I guess position value for Fant in the 2nd Round is really good, he just won’t get past the first few picks of the round so we’d need to move up. Dorsey drafted Travis Kelce in the 3rd Round (actually bottom of the 2nd) so he sees positional value as similar to WR I think. Didn’t realize Kelce was a Cleveland Hts. kid… Anyway, you draft Fant immediately starting in the 2nd Round. Pro Bowl in Year 2.

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GOOD: Irv is a real conundrum for me. His measurables and Combine numbers are total garbage. Outside of larger hands and a decent 20 yard split time his numbers are atrocious and do NOT make me think Pro Bowl TE. But lots of NFL analysts love this kid and his upside to be great. Other than an overall skill set, I am not really high on this kid.

BAD: College production was low even by Alabama standards, where they don’t use TE’s unless they are OJ Howard-quality. His time to impact might be almost 3 years if he struggles to learn and run new routes, get stronger and learn to block properly. Will have to be covered up away from press for a while too. I mean there is SO much work to do…

BOTTOM LINE: I think he’s a great developmental TE with a low floor and high ceiling so that puts him in the 3rd or 4th Round if it’s me running the Draft board. Not seeing the Pro Bowl future hype, but I am happy to be wrong.

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GOOD: Has good to very good overall ability and like most college TE’s needs to add strength and technique work on his blocking to get on the field as a combo guy. Great hands, very good balls skills, just lacks elite athleticism and explosion. Won’t get much after the catch but can work through the secondary if given some room.

BAD: Is not a wow athlete and won’t win every time on contested catches. Functional strength is low and will need lots of pro training to get his lower body power in NFL shape. Won’t see the field regularly until he can block too.

BOTTOM LINE: Feels like a depth guy to me, but some pundits have him going in the 3rd Round! That seems like insanity to me, but I am no pro scout. He’s a high floor low ceiling guy in my book and could surprise once he’s got some strength in his bubble. His production was so ridiculously low he NEVER SCORED A TD in college…let that sink in. Personally I like him in the 6th round but he’s likely to go a bit before that.

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GOOD: Oh Buddy Boy I think we found us a verified DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH! You can call Jace Sternberger a poor man’s Hockenson, but I think he has a chance to be AS GOOD, dare I say BETTER?…for realz y’all. Look at this comparison of the two players. Besides Hockenson’s vertical and broad jumps being much better (which contributed to his higher SPARQ score), Sternberger has measurables, athletic and explosion numbers just as damn good!

There is so much intrigue here with Sterny (my nickname for him). He bounced around several schools and put up literally ZERO production until he finally hit A&M and in that one season exploded for 10 TD’s. Athleticism and explosion out the wazoo. Was a 3 sport athlete in high school (basketball, football and track) and was a QB until a shoulder injury forced him to switch positions. Can block, run, catch and score. A four tool TE…

BAD: Very little to complain about here. The usual must improve route tree and precision, work on his blocking technique and add strength. But that’s all correctable and minor stuff.

BOTTOM LINE: Holy shit Buddy Boy, I think you might need to draft this kid in the 3rd Round to keep him out of the clutches of the Patriots or teams like that. He will not be the most visible TE in this draft, but the buzz is there. I’ve seen a few NFL writers predicting an early day two slot for him. This would still be incredible value if he ends up playing like Kelce or Gronk…

Make no mistake, he WILL play immediately and frequently as a rookie. I am going to call Seth Devalve and help him start packing…

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