OL Player Evals: OG

2019 Browns Guards of Interest

I am not creating evals for any of the Guards in this Draft. At this point our needs on the OL are OC and RT first, but OG and LT are a close second for depth. So I would rather spend time looking at players in these positions. I am not expecting us to use any picks on a Guard who can’t play multiple positions. The fact that we traded Kevin Zeitler and are expecting him to be replaced at a high level by Austin Corbett means we have to address OG, but Dorsey will want to do that will someone who is multiple.

Buddy Boy is taking a serious risk dumping Zeitler, but he apparently has seen enough of Corbett to feel that Baker will be well protected despite a rookie stepping in. Zeitler (also a Sashi Free Agent pick) was reaching the part of his big contract that was not team friendly so it was time to move on. When you’re willing to spend a high pick on a guard, they are not hard to find. Corbett was our gamble last year in the 2nd round, so we have to give him his shot. While we need some additional depth even after adding Free Agent Eric Cush, we still have a very strong Interior line, so I am optimistic.

Couple of players to keep an eye on at Guard: Chris Lindstrom from Boston College, likely to go high to mid 2nd Round. Michael Deiter from Wisconsin, likely to go mid to late 2nd Round. Connor McGovern from Penn State is going to be a 3rd Rounder most likely.