OL Player Evals: LT

For this Draft there are no specific LT role players that I am evaluating. Go to my review of Dynamic exterior OL and you will find the guys that I believe the Browns should consider. This includes players who can work both sides of the line and offer appropriate body types and skill sets to handle both Zone and Power run concepts. The Browns run a hybrid system and I expect that will continue in 2019.

We will see how the 2019 season evolves at this position and whether Greg Robinson can hold down the fort again and earn a long-term contract. I am sure the Browns are hoping that an entire year of coaching, strength and power training for Desmond Harrison will do wonders and he can advance beyond back up quality to be the eventual starter. You might even see him at RT for a season before he slides over. Keep an eye out this season for where they rotate Harrison during games to see where he is comfortable and showing good ability.