OL Player Evals: Dynamic Interior OL

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2019 Dynamic Interior OL of Interest

I will put this out there here because it’s relevant to the position, but watch for my Bold Prediction post on this same topic: James O’Hagan from the University of Buffalo is going to be one of the best Centers of this draft class. He has slightly better size than Garrett Bradbury and frankly better PFF scores. He is a bit of a penalty machine and appears to suck at screen blocking to a degree but that is a problem with almost every good player PFF graded out. But both of those are correctable situations. See his grades here:

GOOD: McCoy is going to be a very good Center in the NFL. He could also be a starter at Guard. He has a power base that allows him to absorb bull rushes and hold his ground. Very good strength and agility. Excellent combo blocker. Blows up big holes in the run game.

BAD: Lacks athleticism in space and will whiff on blocks. Has trouble with shotgun snaps. This is not an uncommon problem even with high end players, and it can be corrected with good coaching and time.

BOTTOM LINE: McCoy represents a fantastic candidate for a starting center for the Browns. Since he is multiple and could play Guard in rotation, he offers great value. He needs a year of weight room work and technique improvement but he has the natural abilities to start by Year 2. You want to start looking at him in Round 2 but great value starts in Round 3.

Stats Courtesy of ProFootballFocus.com

GOOD: Naturally strong, easy bender for his length, great overall mass. Gets movement in the run game. Good second level blocker. Punch, mirror and anchor are all top rate. Can play OG and OC at a high level.

BAD: Gets tall due to his length, can fall off blocks and overextend. Needs to tone up, has some softness.

BOTTOM LINE: Jordan is multiple in the best ways. He is an immediate starter as a rookie at RG. He is extremely young (21) and so has a lot of growing and maturing to do. He will get a lot stronger and put on more mass, making him an incredible OC candidate. His bend is elite for being 6’6″ tall so once he grows into his frame he’s got serious upside at either position. Early on he will be more effective at Guard. Definite Round 2 pick, extreme value anywhere in Round 3.

Stats Courtesy of ProFootballFocus.com