OL Player Evals: Dynamic Exterior OL

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2019 Dynamic Exterior OL

Man there are some talented cats in this year’s class. All the guys below are super multiple in their ability to play more than one position. Nearly all are starters at rookie and have upside to improve and get stronger. Really an exciting class. I only have Cody Ford listed below as a 1st Round player, but don’t be surprised if Risner and Dillard both get plucked early as well. Have a look at my write up on Dynamic Interior OL for another group of rookie starters for us to pick through!

GOOD: Multiple player, as he can play both Right Tackle and Guard.  Great size, long arms, light on his feet. Naturally strong. Excels as a pass blocker (played at Okla in spread/air raid/run & shoot schemes).  Good combo blocker as well.

BAD: Durability.  Broken leg 2016, and gained 40 lbs while out. Not as long as you’d like for a tackle. Lacks speed but has quickness, gets too tall run blocking in space. Lacks college starts, only 21 games.

BOTTOM LINE: Flaws all correctable with coaching, more upside as at Guard probably, because he lacks desired length for the outside. But can start as a rookie either position.  Year 1 starter no doubt and will likely be 1st round pick.  Incredible value in Round 2 anywhere.

GOOD: Probably the best athlete of any OL candidate in the draft.  Excellent pass pro sets, can mirror, slide and recover better than most.  Alert and aware on stunts and blitzes.  Good second level blocker. Durable.

BAD: Needs to get bigger and stronger quickly.  Good technique will only take him so far as a rookie, he needs better anchor to keep bull rushers from running him over. 

BOTTOM LINE: Pro weight program will quickly bring him into shape but he will need to rely on his strong technique in the meantime.  Simply excellent athleticism for playing LT, has all the traits you want.  Definitely a Year 1 starter and will be a high performer by Year 3.  Could sneak into bottom of Round 1 for a team that wants to snatch him up, as he will go very early in Round 2 otherwise.  Incredible value bottom of Round 2.

GOOD: Excellent athlete with good size and power.  Most likely position with be Tackle and has nice kick slide and mirror in pass pro.  Able to put on some additional mass.  Natural bender.  Very quick hands.

BAD: Injuries are a concern, both were knee related. Missed 6 games in 2015 and all but one game in 2016.  Not fast off the ball and 2 point stance play in college will require retraining.

BOTTOM LINE: Potential to be a very good LT if he can stay healthy.  Worst case he is a high level RT, starting late in his rookie season. Needs pro weight training and technique work but he’s an early starter at LT, likely year 2.  Likely a 2nd Round pick, but great value in Round 3.

GOOD: Multiple player who can play either Tackle position and Guard.  Probably the best pure LT candidate in the Draft.  Excellent athlete, long arms very good strength.  Great finisher and gets great push in the run game. Consistent as a pass blocker and not bad in space.

BAD: Lacks ideal length, playing at Okla like Cody Ford means he played a lot of spread schemes and tends to get high when run blocking because of the 2 point stances they use. 

BOTTOM LINE: All flaws all correctable with coaching and his upside is tremendous. Can start as rookie at RT or OG for a year but absolutely can move to LT and play at a high level by Year 3.  Could sneak into bottom of the 1st but excellent value anywhere in Round 2.

GOOD: True Multiple player who has played Center, Guard and Right Tackle all at a high level.  He’s simply been MacGuyver for K State. Tough, competitive and technically sound.  He lacks physical traits so he has been playing at such a high level on his football IQ and technique almost exclusively.

BAD: Lacks bulk and frame to play outside.  Narrow waist and frame is unlikely to take much more weight.  Not a great athlete, especially laterally.  Physical make up does not project to Tackle at the next level. Risner is a fighter and a technician. No one will outwork him and he has excellent Football IQ and leadership skills. 

BOTTOM LINE: This is why a move to Center in the NFL is likely his best position.  Needs to add as much weight and strength as possible for his frame, but definitely will be a starter by Year 3.  Good back up as a rookie with his versatility.  Likely a late Round 2 pick, but value is excellent in Round 3 anywhere.

GOOD: Enormous kid but also highly athletic for his size.  Thick and strong with good bend means excellent anchor.  Very good in pass pro, with refined kick-slide.  Physical and tough, good finisher.

BAD: Needs a fair bit of technique work.  Lower level of competition but didn’t have any trouble with the guys he went up against at the Senior Bowl.  Lacks focus off the ball, sometimes early and sometimes late.  Lots of coaching in his future. 

BOTTOM LINE: Tons of upside and after some coaching and technique improvements he is going to be a very good RT.  Probably could play inside in a back up role, but his skill sets will be best utilized on the right side.  Must watch his weight, he has a frame that will take a lot more weight and he will lose athleticism if he gets too heavy.