DT Player Evals: 0/1-Tech DT’s

Our DT group has been improved with the addition of Sheldon Richardson to play 3-Tech as it will help Ogunjobi avoid double teams every play. As we have already talked about our depth is a mess still and needs to be addressed. This group of 1-Tech guys has one blue-chipper and a bunch of mediocre depth types after that. That is all my friends, it is a very disappointing class this year and is unlikely to produce a starter outside of Dexter Lawrence. Honestly I am not convinced anyone we might draft is going to be better than the depth players we already have. Likely a waste of draft capital and we should wait until after the draft to grab a few choice UDFA’s to bring into camp and evaluate.

The only scenario that might be possible to truly upgrade this position is to trade back into the end of Round 1 and hope that Lawrence slides. He just might too. He is the old school run plugger type, not what teams are always looking for these days. Big body, over 330 lbs, great anchor and very little pass rush ability. Some promise of improving penetration skills but you’re taking Lawrence for his ability to take double teams all day and stop the run like a champ. If he can stay in on 3rd down that’s winning the lottery.

If he gets past teams like Indy and New England Dorsey might get incredibly lucky if he trades up to 29 thru 32 and get this big fat elite run stuffer. Jerry Tillery is likely a better fit for New England anyway due to better athleticism and even better stats than Lawrence. You can find my Player Eval on Tillery under the 3-Tech group post.

Tillery actually could be in play as well and would offer the kind of multiple role playing ability (and excellent length) that Dorsey loves. Lawrence is more one dimensional. Check out both of their stats below, couldn’t go wrong either way probably, with Tiller offering more upside as a penetrator. Imagine a rotation of Ogunjobi and Lawrence! This is not a terrible scenario in terms of draft capital it would cost to make the move. We also have Duke Johnson as a trade chip…

Dexter Lawrence College Stats
Jerry Tillery College Stats