DT Evals: 3-Technique DT’s

Up until we acquired Sheldon Richardson we didn’t have a legitimate 3-Tech on the roster. That was pretty scary and our stats last year reflect the fact that we were not getting much interior pressure. We were playing guys way out of position in order to try to get something going. The Ogbah inside experiment was one of them. He was long and athletic but lacked the anchor and lower body power necessary to shed and shoot a gap to get inside. Ogunjobi was also sometimes being called on to play 3-Tech and he is not the body type you need for this role in a classic sense, despite his ability to get slippery and get some pressure from the 1-Tech shade position he should be playing.

With Richardson in place, Ogunjobi gets WAY more opportunities to do his thing and any pressure he gets is gravy for the crew. If he manages to get pressure up the middle on a regular basis, our Edge players will benefit all day long and should get more sacks than we did last year.

Richardson had another productive year getting pressure (16 QB hits) and recording his career average around 4.5 Sacks. He has been a sporadic TFL guy during his career, and seems to get one (TFLs) or the other (QB Hits) in bunches most years. A similar level of production should be possible here, especially with Ogunjobi next to him, and Vernon and Garrett on the outside. Richardson benefited big time in 2016 playing alongside Muhammed Wilkerson and Leonard Williams. His stats bounced back from a fairly rough 2015 season. All three guys are 1st Round picks…think about how the Jets are valuing their Defensive line positions.

I think the question for the Browns is how they approach the opportunity to move up. If they are truly going to go big and jump back into the mid or late 1st Round, they put themselves in pretty good position to grab a player who could be a starter or heavy rotation guy very early. If they don’t take this approach and one of the blue chip players does not fall into the second round, then drafting someone like LJ Collier or Daniel Wise for solid depth makes a ton of sense. Tillery has been rising steadily since Bowl season but he’s most likely a late 1st bubble guy and could be in play for Dorsey without completely mortgaging the future.

One guy to mention out of the group below…LJ Collier is a very odd duck in terms of position for the next level. He has a strange body type combined with skill sets that are not conducive to the position he played in college (DE/EDGE) and he lacks the length you’d want in a 3-Tech. The most interesting take that I’ve heard on Collier is from The Huddle Report (one of my long-term favorite sites for accurate player assessments). They suggest he might be a really killer 1-Tech if he gained about 15-20 lbs. This could be a really interesting depth situation behind Ogunjobi and Collier should be available for good value if he slides out of the 3rd Round. One of my favorite players on tape and one I will be watching with great interest!

Sheldon Richardson Pro Stats