CB Evals: Slot CB’s

2019 Slot CB’s of Interest

Small-school stud from James Madison University, Jimmy Moreland, is one of the few players that is built to play only Slot CB and he’s a good one. His stock has been rising rapidly over the last few months, as he was talked about as a 5th Round guy through most of the college football season. Moreland was invited to play at the East-West Shrine game, and then earned a late invitation to the Senior Bowl. Unfortunately, the NFL had its head completely up its ass and did not invite Moreland to the Combine. Major miss…his college production was NFL caliber to be sure.

Brian Peavy is another option later in the draft. Peavy is very short, even for a CB and many teams won’t even put a guy on their draft board that is under 5’10”. He might be short, but his production was excellent in college with 15 TFL’s, 2.5 Sacks and 6 INT’s! This supports the fact that he’s a tremendously explosive athlete with elite instincts.

After letting Boddy-Calhoun go as a Free Agent, the Browns definitely could look to someone like Moreland or Peavy to plug that hole. Considering how good this Draft class is at CB and Safety, I hope Dorsey doubles down on both positions, and Moreland looks like a guy who is going to make some noise at the next level.

GOOD: Size will keep Moreland in the Slot role only, as he lacks the mass you’d expect even from a small CB. However, nobody plays bigger. Feisty, physical Corner for being under 180 lbs. Moreland has incredible ball skills (18 interceptions in college!) and elite instincts. Extremely quick and explosive in the short area, he can stick to those small, elusive WR’s coming out of the Slot and puts a solid jam on them at times, which they don’t expect. Playmaker and can play man cover when needed provided he matches up on size well enough.

BAD: Unfortunately he has some of the shortest arms in the Draft at 29″. Lot of teams won’t even have him on their boards due to not making minimum physical criteria for height and arm length. Honestly, the only bad things I can say would be nitpicking…overlook this kid at your own risk.

BOTTOM LINE: Jimmy is one of my favorite players in this draft and he’s the kind of player teams will discount due to measurables alone. Have a peek at his stats below, then close your eyes and tell me how high he’d be drafted if he went to LSU or Georgia? Not convinced? Big mistake. An absolute terror on the field, his ball skills alone should have him starting in the NFL! Zone heavy teams (Hello, Browns!) will love him as he can work the Slot and play Zone where he will be more free to work in space. Turnover machine, playmaker, all-around great guy per his peers at JMU. He played some of his best ball against FBS schools, creating turnovers, batting down passes and locking guys up. Some teams will worry he can’t play special teams…well, he just blocked 4 kicks in college on specials…Go ahead, don’t draft him, so we can.

GOOD: Peavy is somewhat similar to Moreland, as he’s small but feisty and might find his way onto a roster based on his heart, ball skills and production in college. What Peavy has is better physical mass to work with and he uses it in the run game like a beast. Unbelievably aggressive in run support, absolutely blowing up RB’s. Sniffs out and destroys screens and jet sweeps with ease and plays way larger than his size might suggest. Has good Zone and man cover skills to make him valuable to teams in multiple ways.

BAD: Apparently has some trouble in zone coverage determining which WR to stay with and can sometimes commit to run support or blitz before the pass play actually breaks down. These over-aggressive tendancies will be correctable with coaching and experience.

BOTTOM LINE: Another solid playmaker (nearly 40 passes defensed in college!) who brings a bit more boom since he carries almost 200 lbs. Still doesn’t look that big on tape, but he does lay the wood in run support and was asked to match up on the outside with TE’s and X Receivers pretty often. Faired well, as you see below in his stats and some of the PFF ratings. He was given a 2018 overall grade of 90.8 so clearly he’s going to make a roster and find a way to impact. These are perfect quality depth players and the Browns need them desperately!

Stats Courtesy of Sports-Reference
Stats Courtesy of PFF