2019 UDFA’s: Other Players to Watch

Odell Miller – Converted DE, to TE to OG at Western Michigan ran a 5.02 at his Pro Day, jumped 27.5 in vertical and did 27 bench reps. He’s 6-3 301 lbs. Need to watch some film and find some evals on him. Looks very athletic on paper.

Dewayne Hendrix – DE Pitt ran a 4.68 at his pro day at 6-4 265 lbs, and put up other good numbers. Known to be fast off the ball, violent hands and some pass rush moves. Relentless motor and has some bend and change of direction agility. Not sure how good his leverage is in the run game and could be undersized as a 4-3 EDGE player. However, if he checks out, could be a fantastic late round developmental dude.

Deandre Thompkins – WR from Penn State ran a 4.33 at his Pro Day. Only about 5’11” but is 195 lbs. Seems to have very good hands, but his play speed doesn’t line up with his 40 time. Get’s caught almost every time from behind. Was primary punter returner for Pitt and never seemed to outrun the coverage. Not elusive at all as a runner, seemed to go down very easily. Appears to lack physicality and burst to make tacklers miss. Not sure what role he might play, but could be a nice camp body as UDFA to see what he’s got.

Nick Scott – FS/SS from Penn State ran a 4.43 at his Pro Day. Jumped 41″ vertical and did 18 on the bench at 5-11 201 lbs. Has some real burst to click and close. Headhunter type tackler who needs to wrap up better, but he wants contact and looks to get his guy on the ground. Did not see much tape on him in coverage making plays, so wouldn’t consider him a real ball hawk safety. His final year at Penn he came on in this regard with 3 INT’s but very little production prior to that. Might be a high floor low ceiling guy you can get in late rounds or UDFA as a legit steal if he can tap his skills and produce.

Koda Martin – RT from Syracuse ran a 5.10 at his Pro Day, did 24 on the bench and jumped 27 in the vertical. Watching his highlights he’s massively tall and pretty narrow (6-6 300lbs) but has a violent punch and pancakes the crap out of his guys pretty consistently against run and pass both.

Eric Dungey – QB from Syracuse ran a 4.68 at his Pro Day. Most are expecting him to convert to WR or possibly even TE but I see a kid who has a somewhat erratic throwing motion, but plenty of arm and delivers a catchable ball from the limited film I watched. However, his accuracy went gone down his last two years from a high of 65% to 59% his final year. His TD to INT ratio has never been great, but not sure how much his college scheme and coaching may have influenced this.

When HC Dino Baber came in after the 2016 season, it looks like they pushed him hard as a running QB his final two years so might have been difficult to stay in rhythm and grow as a QB in that scheme. Dino Baber runs a version of Art Brile’s extreme up-tempo run & shoot offense, that Baber calls the “veer & shoot”. Uses the pass to set up the run out of primarily read/option sets. Looks like they took real advantage of Dungey’s running ability to score points. Had 93 total TD’s in college, 35 of which were rushing TD’s. Great size at 6-4 226 and dual threat is real thanks to his speed, backed up by those TD production numbers. Very interesting developmental kid who lacks consistency and has to work on his throwing motion.

Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles – FS from Arizona ran a 4.57 at his Pro Day at 6-2 205 lbs. Based on limited film he looks to have excellent athleticism, some ball skills and good to very good play speed. As a four year starter he recorded 6 INT’s, 10 TFL’s and 16 passes defensed. Excellent ball skills and good production for a kid who’s unlikely to get drafted.

Kerrith Whyte, Jr. – RB from Florida Atlantic ran a 4.33 at his Pro Day at 5-10 195 lbs. He jumped 42″ in the vertical (!) and did 21 reps on the bench as well! Obviously an extremely explosive athlete, Whyte is now a poorly kept secret in Conference USA circles. He has great hands as a receiver and averaged 28.5 yds per kick return, which is exactly where is primary value is going to come from in the NFL. Apparently a very humble kid with incredible work ethic. Easy 7th Round pick up!