2019 TE Summary

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2019 Browns TE’s of Interest

Imagine if we drafted AJ Brown or DK Metcalf, Jordan Ta’amu AND Dawson Knox! That’s basically the entire Offense from Ole Miss! LOL…these are the sorts of weird situations that I mull over when reviewing 300 players and narrowing it down to the guys I like for the Browns. Hell, I could also make an argument to draft like 4 guys on Defense from Texas this year…

So much for that fantasy rabbit hole. What is not fantasy is our real need to upgrade TE sometime in the next couple of drafts. What we have are some blocking TE’s and Njoku who not only is a total liability as a blocker but also has had some struggles catching too. When your GM (not coach) publicly calls you out for shitty blocking at a COMBINE Press conference…wow you’re on notice Buddy Boy!

Oh and once he does bring a ball down it must seem like it weighs 400 lbs to him because he simply falls down immediately! Makes me insane. He also lacks a good bubble so that contributes to his lack of contact balance. This dude has to make it a priority to hit the squat rack hard as this will also help him as he learns better blocking technique. He’d at least have some lower body power to work leverage.

His catch % did improve to 64% but that is still not nearly good enough for being a high pick. Worse yet is he should be our best Red Zone weapon and he only had 4 TD’s again in 2018. Since he is a liability as a blocker we often can’t keep him on the field on 3rd downs (normally a passing down) so we lose those opportunities to utilize his skills. We clearly do not trust him.

Here is how I have our current TE group graded. I think Fells is a solid contributor because he can block pretty well and has shown up as a pass catcher in clutch situations. For now it’s worth keeping him. I believe however that the Seth Devalve experiment is now over. He held such promise but our old adage that Availability is the BEST Ability holds true here. He’s fragile and has not been an impact player when on the field. He is the slot we’re likely to open for a new player.

So we have to address it and there are some really nice options this year that can be had after Round 2 which is really where value shoots up for TE’s. Grabbing Noah Fant or Hockenson would require a 1st round spend and we simply do not have the luxury of doing that right now. Too many holes on Defense. We are 2-3 drafts away from being able to drop a 1st on a stud TE.

I am missing some pretty solid players on my list above unfortunately because originally I wasn’t going to spend much time on this position. So I am not going to go back and spend the research time at this point in order to do a detailed Eval on them. Drew Sample, Foster Moreau and Josh Oliver are actually 3 guys we’re very likely to pick up, but unless I can find time late in the process they will remain players you might have to go look up on your own! Sorry gang!